Outdoor portrait – large format, fine art wedding photography

by Birmingham photographer Milosz Wozaczynski

Here we have large format wedding photography. This particular shot was made with large format, 8×10″ film camera. It has this kind of vintage mood which I really love. Classic style portrait which have some mood of the August Sander’s photography.

Fine art, large format wedding photography

It was the successful frame. But that was still one, as I always repeat shots for sure. Well, but the other failed. My camera lens has a loose lens plate, which I should settle and seal. But I did not know that it has such a light leaks. And it manifested itself at this session quite hard. Negative was so overexposed, that turns almost entirely black, with only a bit of detail. But I thought that I should try to scan it. And was in shock, because photo looks good, and really old ;) So, sometimes, bad luck turns into something good.