Some old story but not quite…

by Birmingham photographer Milosz Wozaczynski

A long time ago in a galaxy far… Oh, hold on – that’s not about that. I just meant that I haven’t published anything here for quite a while. The main reason for that is the fact that I needed a break and have been a bit lazy recently. And I’m still not shooting anything new – at least nothing worth publishing. But fortunately I still got some images in my drawer which I haven’t shown you ’till now.

What I want to show you today is quite a different set of images due to the circumstances but let’s start from the beginning. Some time ago a nice not yet married couple asked me to shoot them some wedding portraits. But there was a catch. They wanted me to shoot it in my “style” and what’s more they wanted those images to be shot with their family on the wedding reception itself. They also wanted it to be shot with a medium format camera so that images could have a bit of a better look. Their idea was simple – just to have some unusual, bit crazy family portraits. I eventually agreed but here comes the question… How the hell can I arrange a photographic studio in unknown venue and shoot hundreds of images with people I don’t know? And what’s more – do all this on the wedding reception? But as once agreed – the only thing I could do is prepare myself and do everything as good as I can.

To help me with the idea I decided I needed an assistant. Not only an assistant but a person who I can trust and a person who will really be able to help me with everything. I had to fly to Warsaw only with the Hasselblad camera and someone needed to arrange all the lighting and props. Eventually I knew the right person – it was the unforgettable Andrzej Bersz (RIP). And honestly – only because of his help was I able to do the job.

What we had to do is go to the ceremony, shoot a few images and then go to the venue and arrange the studio there. We had absolute creative freedom about the ideas, props and how to arrange people together. So that’s what we did. The choice of people in each frame is made by us, sometimes they knew each other and sometimes didn’t. I tried to be creative as hell but it’s amazingly difficult when you’ve got just a few hours and a lot of people to shoot. But at the end of the day I was really happy with the results. I think that the idea behind the images was similar to simple photobooths but it was directed in proper way to exclude just the ridiculous style of toy guitars, giant neon glasses and hawaii dresses and to add some nice and proper lighting to the scene. I need to say it was the most physically and intellectually demanding job I ever did. Period. I hope you’ll enjoy the images as much I did.

I wanted to thank the bride and groom Alessandro and Marta for having trust in what I was going to produce. Big thanks also goes for my friends in Hasselblad company for your help and providing me brand new h5d 50c for the job. And the biggest thanks to Andrzej – wherever you are buddy hope you’ve got a lot of fun there or at least peace of mind from all the idiots like me! ;)

Let’s look at the first half of best chosen images. Another half soon…